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Data Center

Data Center Air Conditioners (CRAC)

Heating and cooling management is of vital importance in maintaining the efficiency and integrity of a data center. The overall design of the data center must be positioned to meet the increasing performance requirements for both current and future trends - all while delivering on a promise for a green design and staying within operational efficiency. Only optimal cooling of components and air conditioning of the data center environment reduces energy consumption, increases system availability and enables existing components to reach capacity efficiently and effectively. At ebm-papst, we can help meet these stringent requirements.

Today’s data center environments require more power as demands for technology increase. Removing this excess heat requires an intelligent air moving design that realizes a few locations will need to be kept particularly cool all while keeping an entire area cool. This dilemma can easily be solved by using sensors that constantly capture air and processor temperatures, used to automatically regulate fan speeds and cool system power, allowing systems to not run continuously at full power.