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Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigerated Display Cases

"We are out of milk!"  That may be something that you can tolerate at your home but it is not acceptable from our supermarkets. Refrigeration systems have to be up and running 24 hours a day to keep products at safe storage temperatures. Therefore, both energy costs and reliability are essential requirements. The cooling systems inside these units use compact axial and radial fans from ebm-papst. Our high-efficiency GreenTech EC motors are now the standard for these demanding applications.

We were the first to provide the refrigeration market with our innovative complete fan assemblies. These assemblies eliminate the hassles of ordering, inventorying and assembling separate components needed to make up a fan assembly. Our products allow users a drop in solution that speeds assembly time and simplifies the overall design of the case assembly.    

The high efficiency and the significantly lower intrinsic heat of the motor provide substantial energy savings. Our energy-saving motors offer small installation depth combined with high air performance in one assembly.