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Commercial Refrigeration

Rooftop Refrigeration Condenser Units

Would you like your rooftop condenser design to be smaller so it requires a smaller quantity of increasingly expensive refrigerant to fill it? Quieter so you can meet strict noise level mandates in close quarter installations? More energy efficient so that your customers will pay less money in operation costs? Our 800mm and 910mm diameter fans paired with our AxiTop diffuser will help you change your existing rooftop condenser designs to meet these needs.   

Our high-efficiency GreenTech EC motors are now the standard for these demanding applications. We were the first to provide the refrigeration market with our innovative complete fan assemblies. These assemblies eliminate the hassles of ordering, inventorying and assembling separate components needed to make up a fan assembly. Our products allow users a drop in solution that speeds assembly time and simplifies the overall design of their rooftop condenser assembly.