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Packaged Rooftop Commercial Units

The field of ventilation and air-conditioning technology in today’s market is characterized by three, main requirements: energy efficiency, controllability for adequate load matching, and the adaptability to meet a wide range of customer needs. Fan selection can play an essential role in determining whether or not ventilation and air-conditioning systems meet these requirements.

Packaged rooftop units are an all-in-one solution to heating and cooling, containing compressors, filters, fans, cooing coils and heating devices. Packaged rooftop units are typically located outside on the roof of a commercial building and are connected to the ductwork. Typical applications are retail stores, small office buildings, and strip malls.

AC motors are the traditional choice as fan drives, however it’s getting harder to ignore the substantial advantages of Electronically Communicated (EC) technology. EC Technology allows for the fan motors operate with variable speeds, saving significant energy and provide a more accurate delivery of heating/cooling, depending on the needs of the building.