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Active Front Steering

Maximum driving safety at high speeds and comfortable handling when parking: EC motors by ebm-papst for active steering.

                                                                  EC motor ECI 60.40 for active steering

The core of this innovation is an innovative steering booster that integrates a planetary gear and an electronically commutated ebm-papst BLDC motor. In this concept, the conventional servo-supported steering mechanism is extended by an interactive gearbox with two inputs. The first input is for manual operation by means of the steering wheel, while the second input is for the electric motor.

The two independent input speeds are converted to one output speed. In practical use, this means that the mechanical connection between the wheels and the steering wheel by means of the central gearbox input is maintained – as is the complete road surface contact for an authentic steering feedback. In addition, an ingenious electronic control unit transmits a certain speed and direction of rotation to the gearbox, depending on the manual setting of the driver and the conditions of the vehicle.

At a low cruising range, the motor is activated in a way that its speed increases adding up evenly to the speed of the steering wheel: The steering mechanism reaches its max. Steering deflection angle and the necessary steering movements up to a speed of 120 km/h are reduced noticeably. In contrast, when the speeds are high, the electric motor works contrarily to the direction to which the driver turns the wheel.