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Industrial Drive Technology


Our many years of experience with successful BLDC and DC drive systems in the field of dialysis systems, incubators, electromechanically adjustable high-end operating tables and many other applications make ebm-papst is an ideal partner for innovative companies in the medical technology sector.

In many cases use can be made of modern electronically commutated drive such as the VDC-3-49.15-K4, offering maximum efficiency alongside high functionality and compact design, making it an ideal drive system in combination with low-noise gearboxes.

Customized drive engineering: Drive engineering has to satisfy a wide range of requirements in medical equipment, but custom designed drive units can be expensive. This is why the specialists at ebm-papst created a system with modular design. Offering the advantage of economical mass production while allowing users to combine the modules to form a drive system perfectly matched to their application. The system concept not only encompasses motors, sensors, gearboxes, and brakes, but also the control system and, where required, the complete assembly of all mechanical components to form a drive system.